Gambling Support Service

Gambling Support Service

The Gambling Support Service (GSS) project is funded by GambleAware for a period of 3 years (April 2022-March 2025) to raise awareness of and reduce the effects of gambling harms in Scotland. 

What is the service?
The project has 4 aims:

· To raise awareness about gambling harms,

· Provide training to front line workers, both within the Citizens Advice Bureau network and externally, to identify clients affected by gambling harms and sensitively talk to them about it,

· To provide support to clients who are impacted by gambling related harms and,

· To collaboratively work with GambleAware’s other partner organisations in Scotland.

Where is the service?

The CAS Gambling Support Service project is delivered throughout Scotland.

Training and awareness sessions and additional client support are provided by Training and Engagement Officers (TEOs) based in four participating Bureaux – Inverness Badenoch & Strathspey, South West Aberdeenshire, West Lothian and Airdrie CABx - who work regionally and collaboratively to provide nationwide coverage of the service.

Their role involves delivering training to frontline workers on gambling harms and raising awareness of how gambling harms can affect people and how to get support.

They also provide second tier support to CAB advisers who identify a person is affected by gambling harms and CAB advisers can then refer the client onto the TEO for further support for their gambling. TEOs have a wealth of knowledge on external organisations who can provide more specialist gambling support to these clients.

How do clients access the service?

Clients can access advice on gambling harms and associated issues by contacting our advisers through the following channels:

Local Citizens Advice Bureau via phone, email or the local office

Scotland’s Citizens Advice Helpline – 0800 028 1456

Local outreach services (such as GP surgeries or a community hub)

How can I find out more about training sessions for staff?

This service delivers training to staff to help them recognise when someone is at risk of or already experiencing gambling harms. Training can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Contact for more details or to book.