Top Tips to Help Us Help You

Top Tips to Help Us Help You

15th April 2022

We are sure you understand that demand for our Advice service is exceptional, and we thank you for your patience. At times our resources in the Bureau are stretched, so to help us help you as quickly as possible, please read through the tips below before contacting us:


When calling in to leave a message or emailing, please give your postcode. If we are not the Bureau for the area you live in, your postcode will help us direct you more quickly to your local Bureau.

Returning your Call

If your call is answered by our answer service please leave a message, we will call you back. Our call will be from an unlisted number. Please do try and answer - we'll try to call you back 3 times within 48hrs of your original call. If we don’t get a response, we simply don’t have the resources to keep calling.

Calling for advice on behalf of a relative or friend?

Our advisers can only give general advice to you, but it is always better to talk to the person needing advice. Where this is not possible, our Advisers will explain how you can get the necessary permissions in place from your relative or friend to enable our Advisers to advise you on their behalf.

If you’ve emailed or called and left a message?

Please don’t call if you’ve already emailed OR email if you’ve already called.

This leads to duplication of effort and adds to the time taken to respond to you.

Check your Email folders

If you’ve emailed us, or your adviser is sending you information by email, please check your junk email folder before calling us - you might find our email to you is sitting in your junk mail folder.

Other sources of help:

Citizens Advice Scotland has an excellent webpage which has detailed information on a wide range of topics, including guidance on benefits, debt, money, work, housing and much more. Visit the Citizens Advice website at

We also have several helplines with Citizens Advice Scotland trained Advisers, able to take your call and provide advice and information.

Help to Claim Helpline (Universal Credit)

Call Free on 0800 028 1456  - lines open Mon - Fri  8am to 6pm

or start a Webchat with an adviser from then click on the 'Chat Available' box

If you are thinking about claiming Universal Credit for the first time, call the Help to Claim Helpline for help. Our trained advisers can guide you through the process, whether you're looking for answers to quick questions or step-by-step support to make your claim.


Money Talk Team

Call Free on 0800 085 7145 - lines open Mon - Fri  8am to 6pm

or start a Webchat with an adviser from then click on the 'Chat Available' box

The Money talk Team can provide support and impartial advice for your own personal circumstances. Find out if you’re eligible for any financial support to maximise your income. Call the helpline and an experienced adviser can check you’re getting all the money you’re entitled to.